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My model railway layouts

I built and completed my first exhibition layout in 2006. Mason's Bridge Yard went on to attend over a dozen exhibitions in the south of the UK, until it was decided to replace it with a larger exhibition layout, Bad Aston. This layout also attended a dozen or so exhibitions and also featured in the May 2011 Continental Modeller.

Both of these layouts were US outline, but in 2016 I moved back to British outline modelling, building Blackhurst, which eventually became my current British layout West Sands. During the lockdown and events of 2020, I wanted to try something different and more of a challenge, so made a start into modelling Spanish railways.

Below are brief details of each of the layouts. The intention is to expand the details of each layout, with construction details and operational aspects.

I have also over the year been involved with a number of other layouts, when time permits I will add more details of these as well.

Current Layouts

A view of Torrablanca Train Station

Viva España!

I am currently building a new Spanish outline layout, which was inspired by some railway photographs my father took during a family holiday in Spain in the mid-1980's.

The layout currently has no name at the moment, but one of suitably Spanish origin is being worked upon. The track has all been laid and is wired up, and the first basic scenic elements are in progress.

A view of Blackhurst

West Sands

West Sands is my current British outline layout, and is a rebuild of Blackhurst, using the same baseboards and track plan, but has been extended and modified. West Sands represents a Southern Region seaside branch terminus in the pre-TOPS period of 1967-1973, and supposes that the Selsey tramway in West Sussex had been taken over by the LBSCR and rebuilt to mainline standards.

View some images of West Sands

West Sands also has a thread on RMWeb. Click this link to view the RMWeb West Sands topic thread

Past Layouts

A view of Blackhurst


Blackhurst is a 4mm Scale OO gauge model railway layout, representing a Southern Region country branch line terminus in West Sussex, during the British Rail pre-TOPS period of 1967-1973.

Blackhurst made a public appearance at the Railway Enthusiasts Club exhibition in September 2016.

View some images of Blackhurst

A view of the car float dock on Bad Aston

Bad Aston

Bad Aston is an HO scale layout built as a joint project with my father. It was built as a replacement for Mason's Bridge Yard.

The layout made it's first appearance at the Twickenham and District MRC's 50th Anniversary exhibition and the layout appeared as Railway of the Month in the May 2011 issue of Continental Modeller. The text extract of the Continental Modeller article can be found in the link below.

Bad Aston made a number of appearances at exhibitions in the south of England, until it's final exhibition appearance in January 2015. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, the layout has had to be dismantled.

View some images of Bad Aston

Bad Aston Continental Modeller Article

A view of Masons Bridge Yard

Mason's Bridge Yard

Mason's Bridge Yard was my first HO scale American Outline layout. Originally built just as a small switching layout for my sound equipped GP7, it evolved into my first exhibition layout and I spent, along with my father, a few years taking it to exhibitions in the south of the UK. The layout was eventually retired from the exhibition circuit in the autumn of 2010.

View some images of Mason's Bridge Yard

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