Class 33 - D6511

Heljan Class 33 D6511

Heljan model from the 2nd batch.

It has been fitted with an NCE D15SR chip, and #19 Kadees.

I've modified the coupler mount to stop the droop, by gluing with Superglue and PlasticWeld.

Class 73 - E6029

Lima Class 73 E6029

This is a Lima body on a Hornby chassis.

I've changed the wheels back to ones without traction tyres to give all wheel pickup, and I plan to add some extra weight to increase pulling power, but it seems fine on the short trains on the layout.

It has also been fitted with an ESU Loksound V4.0 chip loaded with Legomanbiffo's Class 73 sound project. It's currently got the standard speaker, but I have a bass reflex speaker to fit at some point.

This loco is fitted with #19 NEM Kadee Couplers.

Class 2H DEMU - 1122

Bachmann / Kernow 2H DEMU #1122

This is the Bachmann / Kernow Special Edition model fitted with the Legomanbiffo sound chip, and mighty fine it sounds too.